Lakeside Construction Fasteners offers roll formers many industry enhanced fastener-foam alternative solutions with quality at the forefront! The T17 #10 WOOD-X; #12 FASTLOK; #14 MASTERGRIP are designed for many types of decking substrate materials including hard woods for all post frame metal-to-wood applications. Full line of CLOSESEAL-PLUS die cut closures are in stock with the option for custom small runs are available to complete your next Post Frame project!


Lakeside Construction Fasteners wide selection of self-driller fasteners focuses on Pre-Engineered metal roof, metal deck, insulated metal wall panel, and metal purlin structural systems. The PRO SD ZMAX; STEEL-X; SECURTEK; PROTEK self-drillers can be color matched to any commercial metal panel color (over 500+ color options), available with long-life warranty options, and drillers quickly penetrate the higher gauge steel giving installers peace of mind across the USA.


Lakeside Construction Fasteners offers Residential Builders and Roll Formers a vast selection of fastener-foam alternative solutions unmatched in the industry! LCF services metal standing seam, metal stone coated, any metal profile, zinc metal shingle, and asphalt shingle roofs. Truly your one stop procurement destination on venting ridge/hip foam, non-venting eave/valley foam, roofing fasteners of many types, snow retention products, sealants, roof boots, flashings, and insulated foam boards to complete your residential roofing system.


Lakeside Construction Fasteners SC110VENT ridge venting foam, PRO SD ZMAX long-life self-drillers, & NovaFlex colored (over 50+ color options) silicone sealants are the premium choice across North America used in commercial metal roof-sidewall applications. Designed and engineered for the harshest of weather conditions from hurricane wind zones to high snow load regions LCF Light Commercial products offer premium solutions that provide a weather tight seal.


Lakeside Construction Fasteners offers modular building manufacturers many fastener-foam options for manufacturing a completed modular building. The T17 #10 WOOD-X; #12 FASTLOK; #10 PRO CONCEAL TORX-25 are designed for all decking, inside liner panel, sidewall, framing, and roofing during the construction process at your manufacturing facility. EMSEAL, LCF RIDGE-X VENT, PROGUARD SEAL, and SHINGLE RIDGE-X VENT foam solutions are in stock to complete any metal or asphalt modular roofing application.

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