Providing Alternative Fastener & Foam Solutions!

Residential Division

Lakeside Construction Fasteners offers residential contractors and builders- many fastener/foam alternative solutions focused on metal roofing applications, gutter filtration/protection, soffit ventilation systems, hip/valley expandable closures, and proper ridge venting products.

The T17 #10 WOOD-X metal roofing screws can be color matched to any residential roof metal panel, and the longevity of our fasteners will give the homeowner peace of mind.

The Lakeside Construction Fasteners product line offers the homeowner a maintenance free product and most paint colors offered are Energy Star Rated. The SC110VENT soffit ventilation systems can help homeowners lower utility costs through proper ridge venting. The LCF GreenGuard is a viable solution for residential roof decking insulation.

Lakeside Construction Fasteners is the long-term solution for all residential roofing applications, by providing quality metal roofing screws, gutter protection, soffit ventilation and more! Be a part of the Lakeside Experience and call today!