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Providing Alternative Fastener & Foam Solutions!


HydroGuard allows the rain to pass through this patent foam filter solution but keeps leaves/debris out of your gutters. HydroGuard will prevent mold build-up, keep leaves/pine needles out, and keep mosquitoes/spiders from breeding in your gutters. HydroGuard’s patent coating contains a germicidal for anti-bacterial growth, a flame retardant, and a UV stabilizer to prevent crumbling from the effects of the sun over time. Made in the USA from 100% recycled plastics, HydroGuard is the most Green gutter protection product available in the market today. Millions of cubic feet of water bottles, milk cartons, and other PET plastics that would otherwise end up in a land-fills each year are recycled then extruded it into an interlocking fiber filter mesh that gives new life as an alternative solution for gutter Home Improvement. HydroGuard does not prevent or impede the flow of water through the gutter. It can be installed flat across the gutter or with a slight forward slope. Either way HydroGuard is an environmentally friendly product that will save you Time and Money!

HydroGuard SYSTEM:

  • Fits most common gutters
  • Durable, UV resistant technology
  • Inhibits gutter mosquito breeding
  • Just cut with simple scissors
  • Patent Pending