SC Steel Guard™

SC Steel Guard™ is engineered and designed for high torque applications. With quality a key focus for Lakeside Construction Fasteners the SC Steel Guard™ can be used with all battery operated and impact screw guns! The SC Steel Guard™ stainless steel fastener head will not Red Rust for the life of the metal panel! SC Steel Guard™ is the Long-Life fastener of choice by contractors against corrosion!


  • Concealed Weather-Tite EPDM Washer!
  • Maximum Holding Power!
  • ¼ Long-Life Head!
  • HWH Guaranteed not to Red Rust!

Fastener Dia.: #12
Head Size: 1/4 & 5/16
Threads: 14
Innovation: T17 Cut Point
Material: C1022
Washer: EPDM
Coating System: L3 Dura Protec™
Special: 1-1/2” (No Washer)

Standard Options:

Custom Options:

#9 and #12 Self-Tappers
Available Upon Request.

Providing Alternative Fastener and Foam Solutions!™

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Providing Alternative Fastener
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