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SC2 Profile Closure

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Lakeside Construction Fastener SV2 Foam PlacementThe unique design of SC2 PROFILE CLOSURE™ by Lakeside Construction Fasteners allows for fast installation and conforms to the minor rib panel contours allowing for free air movement keeping the weather elements out of your building structure! In cold weather environments the SC2 PROFILE CLOSURE™ with innovative memory flex foam technologies will expel moisture and in hot weather move solar-heated hot air from the attic throughout the building ridge. SC2 PROFILE CLOSURE ™ is designed with a patented UV Hydrophobic Coating, preventing water, dirt, snow, and insects from penetrating the building structure throughout the ridge cap after installation! The SC2 PROFILE CLOSURE™ System is the low cost In-place Ridge Venting Solution providing installers and contractors a Weather Resistant Barrier!


  • Contour Cut For Exact Panel Match!
  • Reduces Condensation Build-up!
  • Adhesive for Secure Installation!
  • In Place Low Cost Solution!
  • 40 Year Limited Warranty!

Designed for Fast Low Cost Installation!

Description: ¾” AG; R-Panel; PBR; 5/8″ Rib (Available in other panel profiles upon request.)
Size: 3′ Closure length (Ag / Residential)
Innovation: Patented UV Coating & Adhesive Bonding Agent Securing SC2 to the Metal Panel Antimicrobial
Material: Open Cell; Promotes Positive Air Movement
Stock: Sold by Carton, Pallet or Truckload


Air Permeability 760 Cubic Feet per minute
Heat Resistance 325˚F (163˚C) for 550 hours
Cold Crack -130˚F (-55˚C)
Snow Infiltration 0
Dust Infiltration 0
Tensile Strength 64 PSI; Elongation 175%
Attic Ventilation Meets UBC Code
Net Free Area 25 sq. inches per Linear Foot at the ridge
Rain No Leaks

LCF SV2 Rooftop Airflow Diagram