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T17 FastLok

Lakeside T17 FastLok Info Sheet

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Lakeside Construction Fasteners T17 FastLok

The T17 FASTLOK™ by Lakeside Construction Fasteners allows for metal panels to be stitched and secured in-place to prevent separation! With the deep major thread design the T17 FASTLOK™ will help bond metal panels together to resist panel separation when utilizing the T17 FASTLOK™ as a stitch fastener. T17 FASTLOK™ is a great affordable solution to help prevent panel overlapping gaps!


  • T17 cut point for quick Panel Penetration!
  • Engineered thread design to lock Panels In-Place!
  • T17 FASTLOK™ for Speed of Installation!
  • EPDM washer for Positive Seal!
  • Innovative L3 Dura Protec™ coating to Prevent Red Rust!

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Fastener Dia.: #12
Head Size: 1/4″
Threads: 14
Innovation: T17 Cut Point; Major thread design.
Material: C1022
Washer: EPDM
Coating System: L3 Dura Protec™

Standard Options:

lcf-fastlok-wet-paint lcf-packaging-250
Customized Options:

lcf-fastlok-powder-coat lcf-fastlok-hlow lcf-pachaging-100

#9 and #10 Self-Tappers Available Upon Request.

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T17 FASTLOK™ is an innovative solution when stitching 26 or 29 gauge metal panels together when fastener back-out resistance is required. The T17 FASTLOK™ self-tapping point design will quickly penetrate multiple metal panels while locking the two panels together preventing the lap/stitch from separating in the most extreme weather conditions.