Rib VentFlex™

Discover the efficiency and versatility of RIB VENTFLEX™, a low-cost profile venting solution from Lakeside Construction Fasteners. Designed to cater to major rib panel profiles ranging from ½” to 7/8″, RIB VENTFLEX™ comes in both 10′ and 20′ roll lengths, with a uniform width of 2″. Available roll options include 1″ x 10′ and 1″ x 20′, ensuring a perfect fit for a variety of applications including ridge vents, hips, and eaves.

Incorporating innovative Uniformed RibFlex Technologies, RIB VENTFLEX™ guarantees a complete and durable seal. Its full-width adhesive maximizes holding power, while the coated reinforced fiber matrix prevents material from cracking under various conditions. Always in stock, RIB VENTFLEX™ rolls of 10′ and 20′ are ready to meet your construction needs with exceptional performance and reliability.


  • Low-Cost Profile Venting Solution
  • Adhesive Full Width For MAX Holding Power
  • Uniformed RibFlex Technologies For Complete Seal
  • Coated Reinforced Fiber Matrix Prevents Material From Cracking
  • In Stock: 10′ & 20′ Rolls

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Providing Alternative Fastener
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