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Lakeside Construction Fasteners, Inc. is a U.S. family owned and operated FULL SERVICE, international fastener supplier and manufacturing company. LCF offers a vast array of construction fasteners, pipe flashings, sealants, snow retention, and vented/non vented foam alternative solutions. From Total Supply Chain Management to Total Project Management coupled with U.S. based warehousing and sourcing of products from the Pacific Rim & Europe – Lakeside provides innovative construction fasteners & foam solutions for your organization.

Lakeside’s U.S.A. base infrastructure in concert with our Asian/European based infrastructure can address your needs in the areas of sourcing product, technical support, project management, and marketing along with the established maintenance of a consistent stable fastener supply pipeline directly to your facility.

Lakeside Construction Fasteners supply chain management solutions include:

  • Identifying and Qualifying Competitive Sources
  • Engineering Assistance in Product and Project Development with Engineers on staff 24 hrs.
  • Establishing Quality Programs and Assessment Methods
  • Air and Ocean Transportation options
  • Production Planning and Total Supply Chain Management
  • Domestic Warehousing
  • Stocking Programs
  • Customized Delivery Schedules
  • Quality Assurance Guarantee

Lakeside Construction Fasteners is your Supply Chain Management solution for:

  • Lower Inventory Levels
  • Shorter Lead Times
  • Higher Order Fill Rates for your Customers
  • Consolidated Supplier Base
  • Container Direct Programs to your door. We do all the tracking and paperwork for you!
  • Higher Rate of Return on your Investment

Lakeside Construction Fasteners is the industry leading fastener supplier and manufacturing company committed to providing you with quality construction fasteners, foam, and optional services. If there are products, we don’t offer LCF will find them saving you time and provide a custom program that best fits the needs of your organization. If you need help with marketing our product lines, custom packaging, private labeling, UPC, QR code, or just need help with store sets including point of sale displays (POS) at no additional cost to your organization, then please reach out the LCF Marketing Division for more information on LCF BRANDZ solutions!

Call now and be a part of the Lakeside Construction Fasteners & BRANDZ Experience!


Fun Facts

LCF offers unique fastener products that can't be found through any other manufacturer, including LCF Hurricane fasteners, high snow load retention fasteners, COR-10 WOODX, 10 x 4” WOODX & 14 x 4” MASTERGRIP
Eric Velliquette, the VP of Sales and Marketing at LCF, has been affectionately branded by the fastener industry as "Doc Fastener."
LCF boasts an impressive 12 total paint lines, complete with 6 paint curing heat ovens.
LCF offers a fastener warranty even if an impact screw gun is used at 3,200+ rpm’s. They adapt their fasteners to changing tooling technologies.
The Lakeside Group of Companies occupies a substantial amount of space in the USA, with 150,000 square feet of warehousing/manufacturing floor space in AR and an additional 6 acres for expansion. In GA, they have 90,000 square feet of warehousing/manufacturing floor space and 100 acres for expansion.
For ZMAX and SC STEEL GUARD Long-Life fasteners, LCF offers a lifetime warranty against red rust on the head of the fastener for the life of the metal panel, even in harsh conditions.
The #1 industry selling vented foam product used on most metal building ridge caps across the USA is 1-1/4” & 1-1/2” SC110VENT, and it's available in stock.
LCF offers impressive 35-year warranties for Red, Gray, and White Silicone Roof Boots/Flashings.
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