SC3 Profile

The unique design of SC3 PROFILE CLOSURE™ by Lakeside Construction Fasteners creates a weather-tight seal to the metal panel allowing for free air movement. In cold weather environments the SC3 PROFILE CLOSURE™ will expel moisture and in hot weather move solar-heated hot air from the attic throughout the building ridge. SC3 PROFILE CLOSURE™ with new memory flex foam technologies and patented UV Hydrophobic Coating prevents water, dirt, snow, and insects from penetrating the building structure throughout the ridge cap after installation! The premium SC3 PROFILE CLOSURE™ System is the Complete Ridge Venting Solution providing installers and contractors a Weather Resistant Barrier for Non Planar Profiles!


  • Contour Cut for Exact Panel Match
  • Provides a Weather-Tight Seal
  • Double Bead Adhesive for Secure Installation
  • Ideal for Non Planer Profiles
  • 40 Year Limited Warranty

Description: 3/4″ AG; A-Panel; R-Panel; PBR; 5/8″ Rib; Available in other panel profiles upon request.

Size: 3′ Closure length (Ag / Residential)

Innovation: Patented UV Coating; 2 Adhesive Beads; Full Length of Product, Antimicrobial

Material: Open Cell; Promotes Free Air Flow; Close Cell; Promotes Weather Tight Barrier


Stock: Sold by Carton, Pallet or Truckload

Providing Alternative Fastener and Foam Solutions!™

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Providing Alternative Fastener
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