ZMAX™ alloy head fasteners are engineered and developed for high corrosion applications. ZMAX™ offers a larger outer head diameter to prevent wind uplift and suitable in high snow load regions. Ideal for coastal environments, preventing Red Rust on fastener heads once installed into metal building systems. ZMAX™ is the Forged Long-Life fastener of choice by contractors and builders!


  • EPDM Concealed Washer
  • Type-17 Cut Point
  • H-Low™ Threads
  • Deep Threads for Max Holding Power

Fastener Dia.: #10
Head Size: 5/16″
Threads: 14 per inch
Innovation: H-Low™ Threads – Fastener head will not red rust
Cut Point: Type 17
HWH: ZAMAK forged alloy head
Material: 1022
EPDM Tubular Coating
Coating System: L3 Dura Protec™

Standard Options:

Custom Options:

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Providing Alternative Fastener
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