COR-10 Wood-X™

Lakeside Construction Fasteners, FULL SERVICE USA owned company offers a vast product line of fastener & foam alternative solutions. The new high-strength COR-10 WOOD-X™ (#10 x 1”– 3”) is engineered to secure Corten metal panels into hardwood decking substrates, offers a sealed protective barrier, and pre-weathered for exact Corten metal panel color match. No more waiting for your fasteners to be painted or weathered to match Corten metal panels!! The low maintenance COR-10 WOOD-X™ high-low threads and sharp T-17 cut point allows the fastener to quickly penetrate the Corten metal panel for low cost installation!


  • H-LOW™ threads for Speed of Installation!
  • T17 Cut point developed for High Performance!
  • Engineered head flute resists High Torque Environments!
  • EPDM washer for a Positive Seal!
  • Pre-weathered for exact Corten metal panel color match!

Standard Options:

Providing Alternative Fastener and Foam Solutions!™

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Providing Alternative Fastener
and Foam Solutions!™

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