2300® Construction Tripolymer Sealant

Discover the versatility of 2300® Construction Tripolymer Sealant – a high-performance elastomeric sealant designed for a wide range of applications. Whether you’re working on roofing, trim, architectural metal, manufacturing, solar roof systems, or general construction, this single-component sealant delivers exceptional elongation and flexibility. It adheres superbly to various building surfaces, even when damp, and remains flexible over time. With UV resistance, paintability, and mildew resistance, it’s a go-to choice for sealing projects. Plus, it comes in 10 standard colors, including crystal clear, all housed in user-friendly plastic cartridges. Trust 2300® for sealing solutions that stand the test of time.

  • Exceptional Elongation and Flexibility: This sealant offers outstanding stretch and flexibility, making it suitable for various construction applications.
  • Superior Adhesion: It exhibits excellent adhesion properties, even on damp surfaces, ensuring a secure and lasting bond.
  • UV Resistance: With UV resistance, it can withstand exposure to sunlight and outdoor conditions without degrading.
  • Paintable: You can easily paint over the cured sealant, allowing for customization and seamless integration into your projects.
  • Mildew Resistance: The cured sealant is mildew resistant, providing long-term protection and maintaining a clean appearance.
  • Wide Range of Applications: It can be used on asphalt shingles, coated steel, concrete, vinyl, and various other common roofing and construction substrates, making it versatile for different projects.

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Providing Alternative Fastener
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