Hybrid Construction Sealant

NovaBond Hybrid Construction Sealant is an all-weather, paintable hybrid formulation that stays flexible and is resistant to shrinking and cracking. NovaBond applies well in temperatures ranging from -10° F to 160°F and will not sag or slump. The cured sealant is waterproof and UV and mold/mildew resistant. It remains permanently flexible, maintaining joint movement of +/- 35%.

NovaBond Hybrid Construction Sealant is tack free in 10-45 minutes, paintable in 1 hour, and completely cured in 5-7 days (depending on temperature, humidity, and thickness).

NovaBond Hybrid Construction Sealant functions as a hybrid adhesive sealant, which develops a bond to most substrates without the use of a primer. This ready-to-use single-component compound is typically used as an adhesive to bond dissimilar materials, as a sealant for creating formed-in-place gaskets, or a multitude of other applications.

Hybrid Construction Sealant

  • Can be painted/top coated in 1 hour
  • Great for interior and exterior sealing
  • Will not sag or slump
  • Excellent tooling properties
  • Excellent weathering properties
  • Joint movement +/- 35%
  • No shrinking or cracking
  • Resists dirt pickup
  • UV and mold/mildew resistant
  • Applies vertically and overhead
  • Safe to use indoors – no odor
  • No solvents (50-state VOC compliant)
  • Durable, long-lasting seal
  • Bonds to a variety of substrates without priming

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Providing Alternative Fastener
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