Gutter Seal

NovaFlex Gutter Seal

NovaFlex Gutter Seal stands out as a versatile and resilient encapsulating compound, designed to provide a permanent, flexible seal that cures even under challenging conditions. Its unique self-tooling, flowable consistency makes it ideal for application in tight spots like miters and corners. Notably, it can be applied in both wet and cold environments and possesses the remarkable ability to cure even when wet. This makes it a highly reliable option for various sealing needs.

  • Strong Adhesion and Flexibility: Offers excellent adhesion to most building materials and remains permanently flexible.
  • Resistant to Extreme Conditions: UV and mold/mildew resistant, ensuring durability in various environmental conditions.
  • All-Weather Application: Can be extruded in temperatures as low as -20°F and is effective even when applied in wet conditions.
  • Quick and Efficient Curing: Becomes tack-free in less than 30 minutes and completely cures within 24-30 hours, with an all-weather, solvent-free formula.

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Providing Alternative Fastener
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