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Metal Roof Repair and Patch Mastic

NovaFlex Metal Roof Repair & Patch Mastic is your go-to solution for emergency repairs on leaky metal roofs. With the convenience of easy application using a trowel or brush, this mastic swiftly cures into a resilient, translucent, rubber-like solid within just 48 hours. It’s a reliable choice for immediate waterproofing, catering to short-term, long-term, and urgent repairs. In as little as one hour after application at 70°F and 50% relative humidity, it’s rain-safe.

Composed of 100% silicone rubber, it’s solvent-free and odorless, ensuring a seamless repair experience. This formula stands the test of time, resisting hardening, chalking, crazing, or cracking, making it an excellent choice for various substrates. Plus, its translucent nature helps repairs blend seamlessly, offering a discreet and effective solution.

Metal Roof & Panel Adhesive Sealant

  • Translucent formula makes
    repairs less noticeable
  • 100% silicone rubber (solvent
    free, no odor)
  • Excellent repair material for
    many substrates
  • VOC Compliant
  • Rain safe in 1 hour (70°F/50% RH)
  • Excellent adhesion and hang
  • Easily applied with a brush
    or trowel
  • No hardening, chalking, crazing,
    or cracking
  • Application temperature:
    -20°F to 160°F
  • Service temperature:
    -40°F to 400°F

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Providing Alternative Fastener
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